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Plug Puller Cleanout Tool for 1.5" or 2" Cleanouts

Plug Puller Cleanout Tool for 1.5" or 2" Cleanouts


The Plug Puller Cleanout Tool for 1.5" or 2" Cleanouts is used on 1.5” and 2” cleanout fittings and plugs.Comes with all the sockets that will allow you to open a square raised head cleanout plug, recessed square head cleanout plug, recessed slotted cleanout plug and raised slotted cleanout plug. The kit also has a wrench adapter and shaft. The tools all fit inside a carrying case. The plug puller tool kit allows you to open a standard cleanout, even when the cleanout fitting is "under pressure". It does this by providing a water-tight seal to the fitting, allowing you to open the cleanout plug and drain the waste in a controlled manner. But that's not all. Once the pressure is drained the tool allows you to work through it, while it continues manage any displaced fluids from the plumbing system by your snake, auger or scope. The result-you get to the source of the blockage faster and easier and all the sewage is contained, preventing any contamination of the home or building. You do not have to remove the toilet. You do not have to pull everything out from under the sink. Just attach the Plastic Oddities cleanout plug puller tool, drain the waste, rod out the blockage and you are done. The bottom line is that you save time and money and the homeowner is happy. Identify the cleanout nearest the blockage and attach the tool and drain any pressure fluid. Then leave the tool intact while you rod or scope through it-keeping the mess contained. Clear the blockage faster with less cleanup, and re-assemble and the job is done. 

The Plug Puller Cleanout Tool is available two sizes.

  • PTK1 - 1.5" & 2"
  • PTK2 - 3" & 4"


  • You can open a cleanout that is under pressure
  • Safe method of handling contents of sewer pipes
  • Tool can help prevent costly damage and contamination and improves customer satisfaction
  • Tool comes with all the sockets that will fit most cleanout plugs
  • Tool allows you to do a job quickly, efficiently and without a mess to clean up when the jobs over
  • Made in the USA

Manufactured and Assembled in the USA by Plastic Oddities, "Friend of the Plumber". Quality Parts since 1975

*** Shipping Note: This item has a fixed shipping price of $25.00 each.