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2" Round Floor Sink with Secondary Strainer


The 2" Round Floor Sink with Secondary Strainer is designed to fit over 2" Sch 40 DWV pipe and has interior surfaces that are made smooth and sloped for maximum flow. There are no corners or flat areas. The 12” diameter top allows for a 54” square flow. The drain (floor sink) is made of corrosive resistant plastic and with threaded brass inserts for attaching grates. This round floor drain is available for 2” SCH 40 DWV pipe with secondary plastic strainer.

 This drain is available with different grates.

  • RFS200 w/ No Grate
  • RFS200F w/ Full Plastic Grate
  • RFS200H w/ Half Plastic Grate
  • RFS200T w/ Three-Quarter Plastic Grate


  • Interior surfaces are smooth and sloped for maximum flow (no corners or flat area)
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Threaded brass inserts for attaching grate
  • 5 ½” deep sump area
  • 12" Round Diameter Top
  • Made in the USA

***Shipping Note: This item has a fixed shipping price of $18.00 each.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA byPlastic Oddities, “Friend of the Plumber”. Quality Partssince 1975.