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Fiberglass Shower Drain - 1.5" with Stamped Polished Brass Strainer

Fiberglass Shower Drain - 1.5" with Stamped Polished Brass Strainer


The Fiberglass Shower Drain - 1.5" with Stamped Polished Brass Strainer is designed for use with any fiberglass shower and offers easy installation whether it be for new construction, remodels, or simple drain failure replacements. The base of the drains have weep slots to allow any fluid around the strainer to still pass through the drain in order to prevent leaks. The plastic strainer barrel has brass inserts that allow the strainer to screw down to the drain making it easy to replace the strainer or upgrade to a more decorative style. The paper ring acts as a friction gasket to aid in the installation of the drain.  The rubber gasket gives the drain a positive seal after the drain is installed.

This drain is offered in two pipe fit sizes (1.5" or 2") and several options of metal strainers. 

1.5" Drains:

  • PFG620 w/ Stamped SS Strainer
  • PFG624 w/ Cast Brass Finish Strainer
  • PFG626 w/Nickel Strainer
  • PFG628 w/ Antique Brass Strainer

2" Drains:

  • BFG600 BLACK PVC w/ Stamped SS Strainer
  • PFG600 w/ Stamped SS Strainer
  • PFG604 w/ Cast Brass Finish Strainer
  • PFG604SS w/ Stamped Polished Brass Strainer
  • PFG606 w/Nickel Strainer
  • PFG608S w/Antique Brass Stainer


  • Receptor base design allows secondary drainage if leaks occur around strainer
  • V-shaped coarse threads that are 8 threads per inch
  • Brass inserts in the plastic strainer barrel
  • Sealing and friction gaskets for positive seal to shower base
  • 4 ¼” diameter strainers available in a variety of finishes
  • 2 5/8" center to center screw mount diameter
  • Made in the USA

Refer to the video below for important installation tips of the “Plumber & DIY Friendly” Plastic Oddities fiberglass shower drain.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA by Plastic Oddities, “Friend of the Plumber”. Quality Parts – since 1975.